OPERATION Secure and highly available


Your application runs securely, with high availability and performance around the clock at aspectra. We have dedicated Technical Account Managers (TAM) for all applications and environments.

Hand over the responsibility and stay in control: aspectra provides you with a dedicated point of contact for the operation of your servers, applications and databases. Our TAMs are experienced Windows or Linux system engineers. With the help of a comprehensive monitoring system, which monitors all relevant parameters and alerts you in the event of deviations, we rectify any faults. This frees up your staff and ensures the security and availability of your application.

With dedicated systems, geo-redundant architectures, multiple security services and load balancers, we ensure the high availability of your business-critical applications.

Dedicated Systems

Your applications run on dedicated physical or virtual servers. Each system is dedicated exclusively to its primary function. We use only the best hardware from leading vendors for your solution.


We protect your systems physically, across the network and organisationally. Physically, with highly secure data centres and strict access control. On the network with web application firewalls (WAF), vulnerability scanning, DDoS mitigation and intrusion detection systems. Organisationally, with targeted patching and updates, and strict segregation of duties.

Our security services portfolio


Redundant data centres, systems and load balancers guarantee high availability. Our systems engineers are on call 24/7 and we regularly test all backups and and restores.


Wir übernehmen die Verantwortung für den sicheren, hochverfügbaren Betrieb Ihrer Applikation. Sprechen Sie mit uns über Ihre Anforderungen und senden Sie uns Ihre Spezifikationen. Wir offerieren gerne ein passendes Projekt.