Security for your data and applications


aspectra offers web statistics as an on-premise service, based on the open source web analytics tool Matomo. Matomo Analytics enables meaningful and accurate data collection and can be used in a GDPR compliant manner.

Data hosting in Switzerland

A major advantage of our solution is that all data remains in aspectra's data centres in Switzerland. Unlike tools such as Google Analytics, the data is not passed on to third parties who could misuse it, for example for targeted advertising. This is a key advantage when it comes to privacy, especially when it involves personal data such as IP addresses.

Two methods of analysis

Matomo supports two typical ways of analysing your data:

Tracking (client based)

A JavaScript code snippet transmits the visit information to Matomo. The advantage of this is that each visit is displayed in real time. In addition, every (complete) page view is registered and more information about the visit can be collected. However, not all error messages are recorded in the statistics.

Log Analytics (server-side)

All web server log entries are analysed using PHP tracking. It does not require JavaScript or cookies, which can be blocked. As a result, more visits are registered. However, they have to be examined more critically, as bots and crawlers are also registered. Access via the browser cache is not included in this type of analysis.

Strong authentication

Access to the statistics at aspectra must pass through a web application firewall. Access is only granted to users registered with aspectra with their login and second factor (2FA) to the statistics according to their authorisation level.