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Secure and powerful dedicated VMs as a service for running business-critical applications. Thanks to dedicated VMs provided by aspectra, your application runs securely, with high availability and performance.

Virtual servers, also known as VMs (Virtual Machine) or VPS (Virtual Private Server), are the solution when flexibility is required. They tie up no excess capital and can be set up and dismantled quickly. Resources can also be quickly allocated and removed as required.

We offer VMs with pre-installed Linux or Windows operating systems. We also offer 'bare' VMs on which you can install your own operating system and applications and run them on your own.

We monitor the components and run the environment either 5x10h or 7x24h with SLA.

Secure Virtual Machine Environments


We use high-performance hardware with fast all-flash storage from Pure Storage.


aspectra is certified to meet the highest security standards. With independent audits, regular re-certification and transparent documentation, your data is in safe hands.

VMware ESXi server

We rely on the proven technology of VMware for our virtualisation platform.


The resources of the VMs can be increased or reduced at any time, depending on your situation and needs.


Each customer is provided with their own VMs that reside on dedicated networks.


The system is fail-safe thanks to redundant clusters with double redundant storage and geo-redundant backup. 24/7.

Windows & Linux

aspectra runs both Windows and Linux systems on the VMs.

Personal support

Every customer has a direct contact.

Virtuelle Umgebungen richtig absichern

Wir unterstützen Sie beim Aufsetzen und beim sicheren Betrieb Ihrer dedizierten Virtuellen Maschinen. Möchten Sie mehr erfahren?