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aspectra is a leading Swiss provider of customised managed IT services for business-critical applications.

We design and build specialised solutions and operate highly secure, complex systems with high availability, performance and scalability - in Swiss high-security data centres and in the Cloud.

We offer transparency down to the last screw in the data centre in the design and operation of secure, highly available and high-performance IT environments. Our systems engineers, developers and project managers play a central role in the development of our company.

Kaspar Geiser, Managing Director aspectra

"Consultancy has never been more important. We are definitely not a candy store where customers put together their own product. We take them by the hand and guide them to the best solution."

Secure operation is proactive, not reactive. aspectra started with this basic principle more than 20 years ago. Ready to apply our broad knowledge of high availability, high performance and high security concepts, we have become more specialised as the technology of the Internet has evolved. Today, high availability operations and managed IT services are at the heart of what we do. We keep up to date with the latest technology, even though we no longer program applications ourselves.

We help our customers push the right buttons

Security is unthinkable without teamwork and the human factor. The expertise of our systems engineers, developers and project managers is central to delivering secure and highly available IT infrastructures and platforms.

In agile units, our employees drive innovation within the company. At aspectra, everyone can contribute their ideas and make a difference. Our engineers choose the technologies and distribution of the systems to ensure high performance and scalability.

Focus on security

We are committed to the sound development of our business and our product range. Our aim is not to offer the flashiest solution, but the most stable one. We rely on the proven and have a long-term focus. Our strong network of partners allows us to clearly divide responsibilities and deploy our people where they can make the best use of their skills.

What we believe in

Our customers' applications are at the heart of everything we do. The following values guide us in our daily work:

Quality leadership

We know how to operate business-critical systems, relying on our skilled workforce, proven technology and continuous development.


Who is doing what? What is happening, good or bad? What products are in use? We give our customers visibility down to the last screw in the data centre. We offer our services on a granular basis, rather than as non-transparent project pricing.


At aspectra, the best specialists are required. Our employees are empowered to act independently within their areas of responsibility, so that all our customers have a compentent contact person with decision-making authority.