Security for your data and applications


Secure and Centralised Identity and Access Management

With Airlock IAM (by Swiss software company Ergon) aspectra offers Identity & Access Management as a Service to meet the highest demands in terms of IT security, user experience, high availability and compliance.

Strong authentication

Airlock 2-factor authentication is integrated into Airlock IAM and provides strong authentication with a second factor. Each customer manages and uses their personal keys on their smartphone (iOS and Android). Airlock 2FA offers modern authentication methods such as zero-touch, one-touch, offline QR code, passcode and passwordless and works regardless of whether the mobile phone is currently connected to the Internet or not. Integrated applications can be bundled as a single sign-on (SSO) group.

IAM as a Service from aspectra

IT Security

Combined with the Web Application Firewall as a policy enforcement point, Airlock IAM acts as a central access management component, enabling users to securely access data and applications.

Highly Available

In combination with the Airlock WAF, the Secure Access Hub itself is robustly protected against failures and supports active/passive and active/active cluster operation. This ensures zero downtime operation, which also guarantees that new releases and changed configurations can be rolled out during operation.

User Experience

Thanks to multiple usability iterations, the user interfaces are designed to ensure a superior user experience. With Airlock, this usability comes out of the box and does not need to be reinvented for each application.


With its comprehensive access management functionality, the support for identity federation standards and the integrated API protection, Airlock is the ideal solution for easy and reliable PSD2 compliance. Airlock also supports both audit-compliant storage and the implementation of high security requirements for data storage, and enables the upstream management of user consent for GDPR-compliant data processing.

IAMaaS with 2FA included

Do you need adaptive, continuous authentication and access control for your digital services - preferably in a user-friendly way?
With Airlock IAM, we offer you a system for centralised identity management and organisation of access authorisations to applications and APIs. Our solution offers users simple, secure single sign-on and excellent user experience.