Security for your data and applications


We protect your data and applications from physical and network attacks with a range of managed services.

On-premise DDoS mitigation, WAF and IAM as a service, regular vulnerability scans, server- and host-based IDS to monitor network traffic for suspicious or malicious activity, and reliable backup/restore in place - we ensure the security of your data and the high availability of your applications with a range of reliable protection measures.

Your applications run in their own dedicated network zones with their own set of rules. The level of security is determined by you. We work with you to develop a business continuity plan that is tailored to your needs.

Protecting and securing your systems is a priority.

Talk to us about your requirements and send us your specifications. We will be happy to offer you a suitable service package.

Secure infrastructure

Physical security is provided by a partner company using the dual control principle. Access to your IT environment is secured by personal badges, biometric identification, video surveillance, access logging, 24/7 on-site presence and other measures.


We have the capacity to build all system architectures in both of our Swiss data centres. Redundant components ensure maximum availability for each server. Hard disks, power supplies, interfaces and fans are installed in duplicate. Your application will continue to run even if one component fails.


Our certified Information Security Management System ensures the security of data and applications. It complies with the ISO 27001:2013 standard and is audited annually.

Vulnerability Scans

We regularly scan all systems in our data centres for vulnerabilities. If we discover any vulnerabilities, we inform you immediately.


Intrusion detection systems permanently monitor servers and networks. Any suspicious traffic or ransomware is flagged and the operations team is alerted.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The geo-redundant aspectra data centres ensure business continuity and disaster recovery. Whether your systems and applications are hosted in aspectra's data centres or you use aspectra as a disaster recovery site for your data centres: We ensure that your data and applications are always available.