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Information technology taster days 2024

Schüler befassen sich mit praktischen Arbeiten am Computer am Informatik-Schnuppertag bei aspectra | © aspectra AG

aspectra organises open days every spring. By doing so, we not only support young people in their career choices, but also promote our industry in order to counteract the shortage of skilled labour.

As we do every year, our vocational training managers organised taster days for school students. First and foremost, we see this as helping to inspire young people to choose a career. But it is also an opportunity to promote our industry in the face of the skills shortage.

Training at aspectra: a win-win situation

aspectra takes on one apprentice each year from the ZLI basic training year. In other words, we do not recruit our apprentices directly. Trial apprenticeships are therefore not a sensible part of the application process for us. Instead, we offer 8-10 places for taster days each year. The target group is students in Year 8 (2nd year of secondary school). Specifically, we introduce them to the training programme for IT specialists in platform development at aspectra. We also look at the specialisation in application development and show alternatives to the traditional dual education. A good overview of the various options in the field of ICT professional training can be found here.

Experiencing IT up close

Together with our current apprentice, the inner workings of a server were explored in detail. After lunch together, all participants can create a VM on a notebook, install a web server on it and design a small website - always in dialogue with each other and the supervisors. It is important to us that they do this in our office, among all the other employees, so that they can experience as much of the working atmosphere as possible.

Experiences and opportunities

Experience has shown that only about 2/3 of the people who have registered turn up for these taster days. But they are also an opportunity to practice commitment. Those who participated had no regrets. One student wanted to sign an apprenticeship contract right away!

We hope that we were able to persuade some of them to keep computer science on their career radar. The next open days will take place in spring 2025. Anyone interested can register here from autumn '24: berufsbildung AT