Security for your data and applications


Distributed Denial of Service attacks are on the rise and becoming increasingly sophisticated. If you are not adequately prepared, they can cause significant damage. Our hybrid DDoS mitigation solution gives you the security you need.

We protect your network infrastructures and applications in our data centres from DDoS attacks with an innovative system of state-of-the-art hardware and specially optimised software.

Reliable DDoS protection by aspectra

Cloud Scrubbing on demand

When attacks exceed the available bandwidth of our DDoS appliances, the system automatically offloads traffic to the cloud. Working with cloud-based scrubbing centres protects servers and reduces infrastructure load.

Hybrid mitigation for an optimal DDoS protection

aspectra's DDoS mitigation solution combines hardware with a specifically aligned software. Every request that arrives at the data centre is checked and the system quickly determines whether an attack is taking place. It rejects affected data packets and triggers an alarm.

Usage based pricing

Mitigation of Layer 3 and Layer 4 attacks up to 1 Gbps is included in aspectra's hosting. We also protect higher bandwidths on request.

Dedicated appliances

aspectra uses dedicated appliances to protect against DDoS attacks. These provide continuous local inline traffic analysis and a proactive defence.

Always on

aspectra's DDoS mitigation protects 24/7. Traffic is redirected to the cloud without interruption and only in case of an overload.

DDoS-Schutz inklusive

Jetzt besser schützen: Die Mitigation von Layer-3- und Layer-4-Attacken bis zu 1 Gbps ist bei aspectra im Hosting inbegriffen. Bei Bedarf schützen wir auch grössere Bandbreiten.

Performance, Verfügbarkeit, Daten- und Applikationensicherheit

Rundum geschützt

Neben on-premise-DDoS-Mitigation bieten wir weitere Managed Security Services wie Web Application Firewalls, Identity and Access Management, regelmässige Vulnerability Scans, server- und host-based Intrusion Detection Systeme sowie eine zuverlässige Backup-Lösung.

Internet Uplinks

Die georedundanten Rechenzentren von aspectra sind über vier verschiedene Provider mit dem Internet verbunden. Diese Redundanz gewährleistet permanente Erreichbarkeit.


aspectra ist ISO 27001:2013-zertifiziert und erfüllt die Richtlinien der Finanzmarktaufsicht FINMA zu Outsourcing (RS 08/7), operationellen Risiken – Banken (RS 08/21) und Outsourcing – Banken und Versicherer (RS 18/3).