Internet Uplink

Our data centers are connected to the Internet via four different providers. With this redundancy we guarantee permanent accessibility. This is forty times the bandwidth normally required. In-line scrubbing devices in data centers provide protection against DDoS attacks.


To ensure secure access to applications or data in data centers, we offer peer-to-peer and client-side VPN on a dedicated cluster. The data packets are authenticated and encrypted before transmission. This "Secure Tunneling" guarantees the security of data in transit.

Leased Lines / MPLS

Our carrier-neutral data centers have direct connections to a variety of carriers. We can easily set up dedicated lines to any of these carriers. 

Remote Access Service (RAS)

The RAS service allows us access to the customer systems in the data center via an encrypted SSH tunnel. We operate the jump station necessary for RAS access and monitor it around the clock. All events on the jumping station are being recorded as evidence.


We offer load balancing as a service. This enables requests to be distributed to several parallel systems. This architecture ensures application availability in the event of deployments or system failures.

Application Delivery Controller (ADC)

Our Application Delivery Controller offers various functions that improve the performance and availability of a website:

  • Application Acceleration: ADCs reduce the amount of duplicated data sent back and forth between server and client, optimize the TCP protocol and reduce the data transfer of inefficient applications.
  • Compression: Content such as images are compressed and require less bandwidth.
  • Caching: Dynamic content is cached in memory or on disk, is available faster and uses less computing power.
  • Traffic Shaping: The delivery of data is prioritized according to certain criteria ("waiting room").
  • SSL offload: SSL termination takes place on the ADC instead of on the server, which reduces the load on the server.
  • Page of Last Resort: If the web application has to be completely removed from the network for maintenance, the users will receive a corresponding message.


We are looking forward to learn more about the requirements for your applications. Contact us so that we can offer you a suitable project.