Hosting Options

Physical Dedicated Servers

Physical servers are still the gold standard in terms of security. aspectra offers this service in several variations and helps you to find the right solution for you. In Server Homing you bring your own server to our data centers fully set up. We mount it in the rack and provide power, cooling and connectivity to the Internet. Alternatively, we can procure a server for you, install the operating system (Linux or Windows) and ensure its secure operation - if desired, around the clock and with an SLA.

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Virtual servers, also known as VMs (virtual machine) or VPS (Virtual Private Server), are the answer when flexibility is required. They are quickly set up, quickly dismantled and do not tie up valuable capital. Resources can also be allocated quickly and removed as needed. We offer "naked" VMs on which you can install your own OS and applications and run them yourself. We also offer VMs with pre-installed Linux or Windows operating systems. We monitor the components and operate the environment either 5x10h or 7x24h with an SLA.

Dedicated Private Cloud

Private clouds are used in large-scale environments and when no third parties are to work with the same hardware. We procure the servers and the storages and install the virtualisation environment according to your specific business objectives. We also set up the VMs and install the Linux or Windows operating systems and monitor all relevant components and operate the environment 5x10h or 7x24h with an SLA.

Managed Cloud Services

Azure currently offers the most flexible and scalable infrastructure among the hyperscalers, which is why it's our preferred provider for high performance environments. As a hybrid cloud, we operate in conjunction with on-premise or data center systems. We support you in the implementation and ensure safe operation - 24/7 if so desired.



Containers are particularly suitable for DevOps. Our container environments allow software to be developed quickly in short sprints and deployed swiftly - monitored around the clock and with an SLA.


We are looking forward to learn more about the requirements for your applications. Contact us so that we can offer you a suitable project.