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Why a Central Log?

   21.06.2018   log file, managed services, monitoring
Central Log - cross section of massive timber

A central log facilitates the analysis of the data and offers additional security against attacks. aspectra offers it to its customers free of charge in a basic configuration.

Log files are essential

Log files are a central tool in problem analysis. They record all actions and incidents that were executed or occurred on a system. To ensure that log data from different systems and applications are processed efficiently, a central log is indispensable.

Log archives

A Central Log has two principal functions. The first one is archiving. The data is stored centrally, separate from the systems that generated the log files. This ensures that the integrity of the log data is guaranteed even in the event of a system problem - for example, a crash or an attack.

Log Viewer

The second function is data analysis. Via a GUI such as Graylog or Splunk the data can be analyzed and profiles be created. These can be saved and used for recurring analyses. In addition to the analysis, warnings or alarms can also be generated based on a stored set of rules. For example, it can be determined when an application receives an unusual number of login requests.

aspectra's Offer

aspectra provides all customers with a free Central Log with a log viewer for the last 24 hours of their logs, as well as the logs of the basic systems involved such as firewall, mail gateway and WAF. The log data is delivered via Syslog and is stored for aspectra and its customers on systems in our Swiss data centres. If you have any questions, please contact your site manager.

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