At aspectra, your application runs securely round the clock, with high availability and high performance. Your personal systems engineer has the systems under control.

We guarantee highly available operation for business-critical applications. For this purpose, we offer dedicated systems, redundant architectures and load balancers. Not to mention a systems engineer as a personal contact for each customer.

Dedicated systems engineer

You always have the same, personal contact person who knows your systems, applications and requirements.

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We guarantee constant availability for your systems and offer server operation, DB operation, application operation, alerting and support round the clock, seven days a week.

Real-time monitoring

Using the myaspectra customer cockpit, you can monitor your systems in real time. Intelligent monitoring and alerting lay the foundations for the highly available operation of complex IT infrastructures.

Load balancing

Application delivery controllers monitor the status of the clusters and servers. Your systems and services are always available for your customers.

Performant internet connection

Our data centres are designed with fast uplinks for performance.

N+1 redundancy

For every live system, we keep at least one replacement system ready. We also offer geo redundancy on request.

Dedicated systems

Your applications run on dedicated physical or virtual servers. Each system performs exclusively its own specific function. We use suitable hardware from prestigious manufacturers for your solution.


We protect your systems physically, in the network and organisationally. Physically, we do so with high-security data centres and strict access control. In the network we use web application firewalls, vulnerability scanning and intrusion detection systems. Organisationally, we use targeted patching and updates as well as strict separation of responsibilities.


Redundant data centres, systems and load balancers guarantee high availability. As do systems engineers providing a round-the-clock standby service as well as regularly tested backups and restores.


We assume responsibility for the operation of your application. Talk to us about your requirements and send us your specifications. We will happily provide you with a quote for a suitable project.