aspectra provides a flexible environment for application development

Teaming up to create a secure and professional solution

dreipol develops smart and aesthetic apps, games and websites for a variety of clients. In order to meet their diverse needs, the Zurich-based agency relies on a broad range of technological solutions. Their simultaneous operation is made possible by the OpenShift container platform developed in collaboration with aspectra.

Throughout the agency's decade-long history, dreipol has enjoyed sustained strong growth. Not only has the number of clients increased, but also the sensitivity of the data to be handled, as well as the complexity and diversity of the projects. The resulting requirements must be met by the development platforms and hosting environment. dreipol does not limit itself to specific technologies, either. Their project managers routinely consider the particular needs of customers and users first and select the appropriate technology accordingly. Consequently, high demands are placed on the flexibility of the system.

Joint development of an OpenShift platform

The development team at dreipol had already been aware of OpenShift’s extraordinary flexibility prior to approaching aspectra. "We knew that OpenShift would deliver the kind of technological freedom we wanted. It makes no difference which programming language or framework you use. We can adapt everything to it," explains Philipp Läubli, lead developer and partner at dreipol. At the beginning of the cooperation, dreipol showed aspectra the existing infrastructure and communicated the requirements, which they then jointly specified further. Their OpenShift solution thus comprises features that are specifically tailored to the requirements of dreipol. For example, dreipol's entire technology stack is based on a special object storage method. This virtual filesystem allows developers to set permissions at object level and to generate links. In order to ensure continued full functionality, aspectra implemented the MinIO object storage service.

High availability and data security for dreipol and its customers

In addition to flexibility, it was important to dreipol that the service provider continuously updates, patches and monitors the infrastructure. If a project is not available at dreipol, the operation of major companies could be massively affected. aspectra's Service Level Agreements offer dreipol and its customers a convenient solution. For complex projects, aspectra can also take over the stand-by service. "We have a good separation of powers between us as application developers and the operator. Wherever data is stored, aspectra is responsible for its management. On the one hand this gives us great technical freedom, on the other hand we maintain a high level of data security," summarizes Läubli.

Outsourcing hosting is a strategic operation. At the beginning of 2019, dreipol and aspectra began a year-long process of relocating the systems. With such a long and complex procedure, things don't always go according to plan. Nevertheless, "aspectra has been able to quickly solve problems, even those that came up at short notice, and above all has always stayed on top of them. We always had a point of contact available to help," maintains Philipp Läubli with satisfaction.

Focusing on our strengths

dreipol now works daily with OpenShift. The cooperation with aspectra has enabled them to better use their productive resources. "In aspectra, we have a partner that guarantees the operation of our entire infrastructure around the clock. This allows us to focus on our strengths in design and development." Should problems arise, dreipol and aspectra foster fast and efficient communication, as Philipp Läubli emphasizes: "The chemistry is great. They are always available and we can see that they truly care about the solution. aspectra is constantly working on improvements, which is essential for us and our customers".

aspectra's services for dreipol:

  • Service Level Agreements (for dreipol and its customers)
  • Geo-redundant backup to tape
  • Database operation PostgreSQL
  • Managed firewall
  • OS setup and hardening, patching, 24/7 operation
  • Communication gateway for e-mail and SMS
  • Quad-redundant internet access with DDoS-mitigation
  • OpenShift plattform
  • Outgoing web proxy
  • Secure Remote Access with two-factor authentication