CASE STORY: baticontrol

aspectra hosts the business application for controls in the construction industry.

BATICONTROL supports enforcement bodies in the construction and related trades in planning and carrying out labour market inspections. This enables inspectors, for example, to carry out workplace inspections with regard to undeclared work or the joint commissions to check whether collective labour agreements are being adhered to.

Currently, are already benefiting

Importing and prioritising reports from the central migration information system, recording the facts on site, requesting documents, preparing and adopting decisions, sanctions and appeals: the business application BATICONTROL supports the entire process for enforcing the Employee Assignment Agreement (Entsendegesetz) - from planning inspection missions, checking compliance with labour law provisions to evaluating and sanctioning any violations. The application thus facilitates the day-to-day work of control bodies and helps to verify the relevant wage and working conditions. Currently, about 150 users and 80 clients are already benefiting from this solution (status: Q2 / 2021).

Facilitating information exchange - not least thanks to a tried and tested partnership

BATICONTROL Data AG is a social partnership and a not-for-profit public limited company. Noser Engineering was commissioned with the realisation of the project. The goal: to create a common tool for the various bodies and thus facilitate cooperation and the exchange of information. The software company chose aspectra as a certified operating partner with high standards of data protection and security. This guarantees that the data remains entirely in Swiss hands and is thus subject exclusively to Swiss law.

"We didn't have to search very hard to find our hosting partner. aspectra fulfilled all the requirements. It didn't take us much time either to clarify requirements and concepts," explains Daniel Brüngger, COO and member of the management of Noser Engineering. He adds that it was a plus that other customers of Noser Engineering also use aspectra's services. "We know each other.  Even in the development phase, they gave us excellent advice and optimal support."

Expectations fulfilled

Noser Engineering and aspectra have jointly created a professional and integrated operating organisation for BATICONTROL. This ensures 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support and includes customer-specific service level agreements. aspectra operates the application in certified Swiss data centres with 7x24 proactive system monitoring and guaranteed availability. "I particularly appreciate that our contacts at aspectra respond flexibly to needs. For example, we can deliver releases on time and with high quality thanks to constant optimisation of the test and staging environments," Daniel Brüngger is pleased to say.

aspectra's services for Noser Engineering und BATICONTROL:

  • Service Level Agreements
  • Proactive Monitoring with dashboard
  • Geo-redundant backup to tape
  • Remote access service with encrypted SSH tunnel and two-factor authentication
  • VPN connection for the encrypted exchange of data or access to applications & data
  • Managed firewall
  • OS setup and hardening, patching, 24/7 operation of platform components
  • Fourfold redundant Internet access with DDoS mitigation