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Why did aspectra enter into partnership with Akamai?

   11.10.2018   Performance , security, availability, partnership, Akamai

Akamai is one of the hidden champions of the Internet. At any given time, a large part of the world's Internet traffic flows through their networks. But what are the services offered by Akamai and why is aspectra an Akamai partner?


The Akamai portfolio can be roughly divided into three areas. The first and probably best known of these is performance. Akamai became renowned as the provider of the largest CDN (Content Delivery Network). Meanwhile, this area includes not only the CDN, but also a multitude of solutions that ensure fast delivery of content worldwide. Details about web performance can be found here.


Through the CDN and in particular the edge servers and global load balancing, Akamai ensures increased availability and reduces dependency on local resources. Learn more about Akamai's Global Traffic Management.


Performance and availability also require stringent security measures. Akamai offers various cloud-based services that protect against DDoS and other attacks on Web sites as well as against content scraping. Learn more about  Akamai's Cloud Security Solutions.

Partnership with aspectra

aspectra is one of only three partners of Akamai in Switzerland. The partnership is a natural one because both companies pursue essentially the same goals: Ensuring the security, availability and performance of web applications. aspectra uses Akamai's services selectively where requirements (e.g. for DDoS protection or scalability) cannot be met with local resources at a reasonable cost.