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Web analysis: Piwik is now Matomo

   26.01.2018   aspectra, data protection, Google Analytics, GDPR, Piwik , web analytics, Matomo

Piwik's developers have renamed the open source web analytics tool Matomo. That means "honesty" in Japanese. The name is new, everything else remains the same - or gets even better.

We have already written about the benefits of Piwik in our blog a while ago (Web Analytics: Piwik oder Google Analytics?). Since then, the platform has evolved and established itself as a true alternative to Google Analytics. More than one million websites use this tool currently, including numerous players from the public sector, NGOs and universities. aspectra has been successfully using Piwik in monitoring and analysing our own website as well as those managed by us. This is not least because in this analytics software platform the control over (personal) data is not being passed on to third parties.  
Matthieu Aubry, Piwik founder and head of the development team, recommends in his announcement to quickly overcome our first shock at the sudden rebranding, because "the name will change but the values stay the same". Matomo will continue to be free of charge and community-driven. A forthcoming major release, Matomo 4.0, is being planned for 2018, which will place even greater emphasis on privacy protection and better compliance with the ever more important data protection regulations worldwide, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Interested in using Matomo web statistics? Please contact us to talk about your requirements! We are happy to offer you a suitable project.

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