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These are the Cloud Trends 2020

   12.07.2018   cloud, hosting, infrastructure, outsourcing, trend

Increasingly, large companies are turning to multi-cloud models when it comes to their IT infrastructure. Multi-cloud solutions will be the norm by 2020. A new survey of 1730 IT decision-makers from eight European countries commissioned by aspectra partner Interxion demonstrates this trend.

In-house data center, colocation solutions, migration to the public cloud - the range of possibilities for the IT infrastructure is diverse and sometimes confusing. The study results for Switzerland (based on 120 Swiss IT decision-makers from companies with annual sales of CHF 250 million or more) show which infrastructures are currently used for which applications. They also provide an outlook on the solutions companies intend to use in 2020 and why.

From Private Cloud to Public Cloud

47.7 percent of those surveyed still source their applications primarily from the private cloud in their own data centers currently. 35.5 percent of companies rely on public clouds and 12 percent have opted for colocation models (private clouds in external data centers). By 2020, however, more than half of those surveyed want to outsource their data to the public cloud.

Source: Interxion

The relocation depends on the types of applications. The study makes four key statements in this respect:

  • Business-relevant data from Supply Chain Management or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tends to migrate to the cloud environment, but remains geographically close to the company.
  • HR, marketing automation and backup are strongly represented in the public cloud. These are data for which flexible access and scaling as well as secure performance are important.
  • Database applications use a wide variety of infrastructures - depending on the data being processed and stored.
  • On-premise data centers will no longer play a major role in the future. The share will fall to 6.7 percent by 2020.

Our Conclusion

The use of IT infrastructures will change drastically in the coming years. To successfully master the digital transformation, companies must know their own needs, follow new developments and set the course for the future at an early stage. The same approach does not make sense for all applications.

A tailor-made combination of different infrastructure options holds great potential for the business success of companies. aspectra supports its customers throughout the entire process - from identifying the right technical solution to implementation and operation.

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