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Massive improvement in DDoS mitigation

   21.04.2022   DDoS, attack, security, Akamai, services
DDoS-Mitigation massiv verbessert | © Akamai Technologies

DDoS attacks  continue to be popular with cyber criminals. Particularly in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a significant increase in such attacks has been recorded. Good to know that defensive measures have been stepped up as well.

aspectra offers its customers comprehensive, multi-level DDoS protection. In addition to our on-premise appliances, external scrubbing centers are used if required. This allows attacks to be repelled without slowing down the attacked IP or URL or even taking it off the network altogether.

The effectiveness of the Akamai Prolexic Routed DDoS scrubbing platform has been massively improved recently:

Enhancied Mitigation Capacity

The mitigation capacity of Akamai Prolexic's scrubbing centers has a history of industry-leading performance. Now it has been quintupled, from 2 Tbit/s to over 10 Tbit/s.

More Scrubbing Centers

Akamai Prolexic has  been leading the market in terms of the number of scrubbing centers deployed around the world. Another 4 of them have recently been put into operation and by the end of the year Switzerland too will also have its own scrubbing center.

Upgrade from Routed 2.0 to Routed 3.0

Routed 3.0 connects all scrubbing centers directly many-to-one. Thanks to this upgrade, all centers can now be deployed to defend against attacks. This further improves resiliency and reliability and supports higher bandwidth for the cleaned traffic.

Defending against cyberattacks remains an arms race. It takes partners who appreciate this and will take the necessary measures.