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IT security in clouds inadequate

   13.11.2018   cloud, data protection, attack, security

A study by the Ponemon Institute concludes that data in the cloud is insufficiently protected. This is not because the clouds do not offer appropriate protection. The problem is that they are not being implemented by customers.

Protective measures are ignored or are not well-known 

The existing protective measures of the cloud providers are not used by the companies or are even unknown to them. For example, 60% do not use encryption for data "at rest" or during transport. This is alarming when considering that almost 90% of companies store business-critical data in the Cloud.

Shared responsibility

Cloud providers provide companies with powerful tools for data protection and contractually relieve themselves of any further responsibility. Accordingly, Gartner assumes that the majority of data privacy violations in the cloud are committed by the companies and not by the cloud providers. One reason for this may be that two-thirds of the IT experts surveyed believe that it is far more difficult to ensure data protection in the cloud than on-premise.

Ever more attacks

It is a problem that must be solved. Microsoft, for example, reports that the number of attacks against Azure has increased by 300%. In addition, with the GDPR a law came into force that foresees severe penalties for violations.

Cloud security is complex

Keeping data safe in a cloud may be complex. However, this does not relieve decision makers of their responsibility. If your own company does not have the appropriate know-how, the appropriate service providers can be called in. Find out more about the opportunities our Managed IT Services offer your business. 

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