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Getting things done, with Atlassian

   15.12.2021   task management, project management, work technique, application, aspectra
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With home office now an integral part of our everyday working lives, Jira has become an indispensable tool, especially when it comes to the efficient handling of workflows and customer tickets. But we would not want to do without Jira's sister, Confluence, either.

Around three years ago, aspectra migrated its ticketing and documentation platform to Jira and Confluence. The key factors for choosing our project management tools were on-premise operation,  range of functions, and the interoperability between various Atlassian products. We have not come to regret the switch!

In addition to documenting and processing customer tickets, we also use Jira to manage practically all of our workflows within the company. Jira tickets document and organize everything, from everyday tasks to managing certificates, that is required for the secure operation of our approximately 2500 systems. Even the idea for this blog post (a.k.a. ticket: BLOG-387) was placed via Jira.

Confluence is so much more than a wiki

To complement Jira, we document static, long-lasting and comprehensive information in Confluence. We maintain a Space for each aspectra customer with content such as checklists, patch instructions, architecture diagrams, and meeting minutes.

Some say that Confluence is nothing more than a somewhat modern wiki. However, they overlook the fact that the tool is designed as a collaboration platform and not as a documentation platform. For those who are willing to push its features to the limit, the product offers much more: For example, macros can be used to create surveys or to compile content from distributed pages.

A powerful combination

Thanks to the connectivity between Confluence and Jira, it is a breeze to embed Jira content into Confluence pages. With the Jira ticket filter, our project managers, site managers, or system engineers are able to compile precisely the views they need in their personal Confluence area or project pages, even outside of Jira.

Whether our team members use just a few components or the entire range of functions: For us at aspectra, everyday work is no longer conceivable without Jira and Confluence. Coming soon: the new Jira extension, Insight, to simplify our work even more.