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Client Spotlight: Deal Estate

   18.01.2018   client spotlight, hosting, Projektmanagement

Do you want to set a real estate transaction on track in a matter of hours? A new digital platform for investors, brokers and owners of real estate, a first of its kind in Switzerland, makes this possible.

As of October 2017, aspectra AG has been operating Deal Estate, a real estate portal focusing on the digitisation of professional transaction processes. The portal has since registered several hundred users and numerous transactions have already been successfully completed, says Peter Wullschleger, CEO of Deal Estate.

The unique selling proposition of Deal Estate is that the client is independent of a service provider. The standardization of the transaction process promises furthermore increased market transparency, cost- and interface reduction as well as process reliability. The platform is currently only in use within Switzerland.

Data security and data protection are top priorities: In order to view sales objects, users must be registered, respecivetly need to identify themselves. All documentation is stored electronically and securely and access to sensitive information is only granted by the provider's explicit approval. The seller can independently upload PDF documents, images etc. to the portal and has thus full control over the information disclosed. The images of the real estate platform are managed by Cloudinary, an external service provider. The DEV environment of the real estate platform is located in the cloud and operated by Deep Impact.

For further information see the press release by Deal Estate, 2. October 2017.