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aspectra - the next phase

   02.07.2020   aspectra, Zukunft, CymbiQ
Norbert Benz/CCO, Kaspar Geiser/CEO aspectra & Marco Marchesi/CEO CymbiQ Group | © aspectra AG

A new era begins as aspectra joins the CymbiQ Group. Drawing on aspectra's expertise in secure hosting and operation of business critical applications, CymbiQ is now able to offer the complete range of Cyber Risk Resilience Services as a one-stop provider.

Around 20 years ago, in the midst of the dot-com hype, our company was launched by a group of young and wild ex-Swisscom associates.  We started out with a range of hosting/infrastructure- and e-commerce services. Despite the dot-com crash and the financial crisis of the early 2000's, we were able to successfully develop our business. As our staff grew, we opened a second data center, upgraded our offices and continually expanded our range of services.

We have been able to successfully assert ourselves in the market for many years now as a robust IT company with top employees, top customers, top data centers, top technologies and top suppliers. We are also in good financial health and are able to self-finance all our investments in training, personnel and technology.

In the year 2020, and no longer quite so young, aspectra can and will continue to develop.  The current trend of moving the operation of IT infrastructures from on-premise to data centres and sourcing them increasingly "as a service" will clearly continue. In addition to operation, there is also a growing need for consulting, development and a large portfolio of services.

To meet this demand, we felt that the time has come for aspectra to move on to the next phase. We believe that by joining forces with complementary companies we can provide added value to our employees, our current and future customers as well as our suppliers and partners. That is why we have decided to join the CymbiQ family. The group had already included three excellent companies: ISPIN (cyber security provider), ANOVIS (managed connectivity & security) and KOCH IT (engineering in the public authority/security sector). Each of them operates on the market as an independent company and can offer complementary products and services thanks to the company network. With aspectra, a core member has now joined the group, as we can offer managed hosting and operation services from our Swiss data centres and the public cloud for all sister companies and their customers. In return, our reach and range of services is certain to increase.

By joining the CymbiQ Group, Norbert Benz and Kaspar Geiser have become shareholders of the entire group while continuing to constitute the management of aspectra. Kaspar Geiser also continues to act as Chairman of the Board of Directors of aspectra. Furthermore, Kaspar Geiser will assume a seat on the Executive Board of the CymbiQ Group and thus participate in the development of all affiliated companies.

We are firmly convinced that this step will enable aspectra to assert itself even more strongly in the market over the next few years. It is in fact our intention, in partnership with our sister companies,  to become a major player for IT services in the D-A-CH region.

Press Release (in German): CymbiQ Group verstärkt mit der aspectra AG ihr Cyber-Security-Portfolio (02.07.2020.)