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And the winner is… Who's the Airlock-Partner 2021?

   28.03.2022   Airlock, Award, authentication, authentication, Identity & Access Management, WAF

Cyber security is closely tied to Airlock by Ergon. Tens of thousands of applications with millions of different user identities run reliably and securely with its help. Aspectra has been selling, counselling, installing and operating Airlock for many years - For the security of our customers and to great appreciation of Ergon. We are proud to be named "Partner of the Year 2021". Just how did we earn this?

As Managing Director Application Security at Ergon, Roman Hugelshofer is responsible for usiness development Airlock and the work of its implementation partners. Commenting on our collaboration, he explains: "Aspectra has achieved excellent results in 2021: they have been effective in their acquisition work and have protected their customers from security incidents by ensuring excellent availability of their digital services. We perceive Aspectra as a highly motivated partner with great expertise regarding the components of our Secure Access Hub. This is how we envision optimal partner teamwork. We very much look forward to further good cooperation."

With Airlock, quality is no pain

On behalf of our Airlock team, Shahab Jahanabadi, Max Wolf, Marc Brünisholz and Michel Pescatore received the award on March 22. Shahab is delighted: "This award is neither a gift nor a matter of course. We had to work hard to earn it. Airlock is a versatile, excellent application and API security solution. Its setup and management are quite demanding, but as a result, it also meets the highest security requirements."  Reciprocating Ergon's appreciation with the award, Network & Security Engineer Shahab notes, "People often say, 'security hurts.' With the Airlock Secure Access Hub, the pain is very limited. It takes commitment on all sides, though - and Ergon's excellent support contributes a lot to our success."

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