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A bid for more independence from Google

   05.11.2020   data protection, GDPR, Matomo, web analytics, open source

Aspectra relies on an open source analysis tool for web statistics: Matomo can be used GDPR-compliant and enables meaningful and accurate data collection.

Legal certainty and compliance with EU data protection regulations

Unlike third-party web analytics tools (such as Google Analytics), Matomo runs entirely on our own infrastructure. The data collected is not passed on to third-party providers who could exploit it, for example for advertising purposes. This is a decisive advantage when it comes to data protection, especially when it includes personal data such as visitors' IP addresses.

Thus data sovereignty will always remain with the website's operator. It is especially important not to provide Google with all user and analysis data when additional Google services such as AdWords are used. Matomto complies with EU data protection regulation. GDPR compliance ist ensured through data and IP anonymization, as well as further measures.

aspectra offers Matomo as an on-premise web statistics service. The data for analysis is stored on a highly available, multi-client Matomo cluster. If a customer's data integrity requirements are particularly stringent, aspectra also offers Matomo instances on dedicated servers.